Project Management College UK is an accredited specialist training institute dedicated to providing effective training at varying levels in the Project Management discipline.

The Project Management College UK runs 13 general and specialised project management programmes.

PM College UK is an institute of The British School of Project Management, Worldwide Group, headquartered in the United Kingdom with satellite innovation centres worldwide. The BSPM Worldwide Group is a one-stop centre for all your project management requirements: TRAINING, CERTIFICATION, CONSULTING, RECRUITMENT, MEMBERSHIP, SEMINARS & FUTURISTIC INNOVATIONS.

Our training programmes are suitable for novices requiring a substantial academic background as well as professionals seeking to start or develop their careers in Project Management.

With over 49,000 graduates since 2006, we are your BEST CHOICE for practical project management training in Great Britain and the rest of the world! ... Look no further!

Project management is an essential requirement in all industries in the 21st century. The 21st century has brought increased opportunities to change career, and to redirect one's career into the world of project management. If this is what you need GLOBAL PMC-UK must be your first choice in practical project management training.

Britain is best known for the provision of expert professional services, consultancy-based culture focused on problem solving and technology development. This is a conducive environment to learn and develop professionally making GLOBAL PMC-UK the first institution of its kind to offer holistic training.

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