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Project Management as a profession has moved on to the global stage in a very short space of time. It has been identified by many major multi-nationals as a core competency. As a result, dramatic growth in its applications has been encountered in the last decade.

For Whom
It is intended for those who will be assigned the responsibility for delivering projects on time, within budget and to a pre-determined quality. It is also very useful for those individuals who are or will soon be members of a project management team or working closely with those in project management.

Advanced Diploma: The Advanced Diploma programme is suitable for University Students, Fresh Graduates, First Degree Diploma / Masters Degree holders and Mature Students (i.e. over 21 years of age) with or without relevant work experience.

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Executive Master's Certificate: The Executive Master's Certificate programme is suitable for individuals looking to gain a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of project management in the shortest possible time.